Motion Triage

Motion Member's Free Triage

At All Things Physio we are running fortnighlty free triage clinics for members of Motion Training.

If you have been suffering from pain, have a niggle that you haven't quite shuck off or want some advice on living a more active lifestyle this is your chance to get them addressed.

In your appointment, we will briefly assess the issue and provide guidance about what you can do to tackle the problematic area.

You can book your 10 minute slot by completing the below form.

Kingston University Staff Free Triage

Booking Form

Please note if there are no appointment times listed in the below form they have all been taken for the current free triage clinic.

We plan to roll these clinics out fortnightly. If you would be interested in being contacted when our next clinic is available please go to our contact page and send us a message asking to be alerted.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website today.

Did You Know?

If you would rather book an Online Physiotherapy Consultation you can do so directly by clicking here.

In our Online Physiotherapy Consultations we complete a thorough assessment, establish a working diagnosis, take you through a treatment session and then give you an individualised treatment programme.

Due to the nature of the 10 minute slots we are not able to offer a comparable service within the triage clinic.

Please Note

  • These cannot be used in place of routine physiotherapy appointments for those already under the care of All Things Physio but can be used to discuss a new issue.
  • If you cannot attend following making a booking please contact us to let us know, we can then offer it out to others.

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