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  • Andreas has helped me with both a short term back injury and long term shoulder pain. I have been to other physios previously, but never felt I was making progress. However, following my sessions with Andreas I have felt such a difference in my back and shoulder, it is brilliant to feel that the pain has eased substantially. It has really changed my quality of life as my shoulder was a continual source of pain. Andreas gives exercises to do at home, which are simple to follow and really effective. Andreas has also been working with my 10 year old son who has some problems with one of his feet. Andreas has a great manner with children, and again we can really see the progress my son is making. I would definitely recommend Andreas, he was highly recommended to me by a friend from my gym, and I can absolutely see why. Many thanks, Jude

    Jude Clark Avatar Jude Clark
    16th September 2019
  • Tim is a measured and knowledgeable physio. He spends the time to work out what the problem is and designs effective rehab programmes that don't take forever and can fit around your lifestyle. Would recommend !

    Sam N Avatar Sam N
    16th May 2024
  • I went to see Andreas for shin splints, which had completely stopped me from running. He was very knowledgeable and attentive to detail. He did a very thorough initial assessment before setting me up with a rehab plan which involved lots of strength training among other things. He gradually got me back running and I periodically went back to see him to assess my progress and update my rehab goals. As someone who just likes to run and rarely enters a gym it was great that he was able to give me exercises I could do at home, but having said that the physio studio is located within a gym so Andreas was able to show me exercises I could do in the gym if I ever felt like it, which was handy since I didn't know how to use the machines. After a few months rehab I'm now back to 10km and progressing nicely in distance. I would definitely recommend Andreas, especially for any running injuries!!

    Dave Saunders Avatar Dave Saunders
    5th March 2019
  • I first went to All Things Physio with a sprained ankle in August 2019 and Andreas was great in providing expert professional advice and support with exercises to help. The exercises were easy to replicate at home and the improvements were noticeable with each session. I would highly recommend All Things Physio and Andreas for any kind of sports injury!

    Amy Hicks Avatar Amy Hicks
    29th January 2020
  • I needed a physio after a holiday knee injury and a friend recommended all things physio. Booking was very easy with good availability including Saturday appointments. Callum is very experienced and knowledgeable. He used variety of measuring and monitoring improvement techniques throughout few sessions I had. Exercises were very useful as well as hands on massage. My knee is fully improved. I would highly recommend Callum and team.

    Sabina Delibegovic Avatar Sabina Delibegovic
    4th October 2022
  • Amazing experience with All Things Physio! After experiencing some pain in my shoulder, I decided to ask for a professional opinion. Not only all the staff members were lovely, I managed to start training pain-free and developed the knowledge that will allow me to develop more strength and stability in my shoulder independently. Would 100% recommend!

    Alis Judit Szeles Avatar Alis Judit Szeles
    4th July 2024
  • Calum was very professional and friendly. I came to All Things Physio regarding an issue with my meniscus. Calum was quick to identify the issue as well as the necessary exercises to get rid of the pain. I am now again able to run pain free thanks to his service! Thanks a lot, well worth it.

    Gui Hemery Avatar Gui Hemery
    13th May 2022
  • 10/10. I was getting back and neck pain which was effecting movement and my work doing removals. Calum identified which muscle was the problem and gave me stretches and exercises which quickly solved the problem

    Matt Bell Avatar Matt Bell
    28th May 2022
  • I am so grateful I came across All Things Physio when I was seeking help for a debilitating lower back problem. Calum quickly diagnosed the issue which gave me peace of mind. He gave me do’s and don’ts (mostly do’s!) which gave me confidence and a small regime of exercises so I wasn’t too overwhelmed. The progress I have made in just a few weeks is amazing. I’m fully mobile again and pain and symptom free. Calum has signed me off after just three visits but with further exercises to continue to strengthen my back. Calum is extremely personable and I would highly recommend him!

    Ali McCourt Avatar Ali McCourt
    8th August 2022
  • I've seen Andreas for 3 years and his expert help and care, has allowed me to continue to play competitive sport through severe long term injury. He prevented me needing a operation on my knee and gave me contacts specific to my injury for a surgical consultation. I am now in better shape after my treatment and feel confident in my ability to do anything I want without worrying about my knee. I would recommend All Things Physio to anyone.

    Dan Wadsworth Avatar Dan Wadsworth
    23rd May 2020

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  • Highly recommend. Andreas is great at explaining things and giving you simple exercises (that work!) Totally worth the investment to now be injury free 🙂

    Nayiri Kesh Avatar Nayiri Kesh
    13th June 2018
  • I came to Andreas with a knee issue. He was great at identifying the problem and then put together a tailored set of excercises that, over time, have sorted the problem.

    Paul Cartwright Avatar Paul Cartwright
    12th February 2018
  • A very professional team that have really helped me get back to my best! Thank you!

    Samuel Hiscock Avatar Samuel Hiscock
    7th March 2017
  • Excellent service! Really helpful to see Andreas at All Things Physio as I was preparing for the London Marathon. I was previously injured and didnt't think I could heal in time for the event. He knew exactly what was wrong and helped me with some massages and stretching techniques. I was able to run the marathon 5 days later pain free!

    Katrina Viloria Avatar Katrina Viloria
    4th May 2018
  • I had problems with a strained groin, tight hips and glutes, but Andreas worked with me to gradually build up to full strength and flexibility. He truly cares for his clients and has a real understanding of what its like to be a recovering athlete. A highly recommended physio!

    Maria Leanne Yu Avatar Maria Leanne Yu
    4th October 2017
  • Just been signed off from a 3 month treatment programme for rehab on a rotator cuff tear. Andreas has been brilliant, each appointment has been followed up with an email containing my "homework" and he has always been available to answer any questions I had. By following his programme my shoulder is now well on the way to being to 100% and I am very happy with the progress. Highly recommended

    Cathy Waddington Avatar Cathy Waddington
    25th July 2018
  • I went to see Andreas with a wrist injury caused by climbing, with a trip to Canada looming and a wrist that painful I couldn’t hold a plank position I was somewhat concerned. Through working with Andreas the injury was rehabbed then strength built back into the joint to enable me to train again. The rehab and then conditioning was progressive and specific to my needs. I can’t recommend Andreas enough, he’s also a nice chap to chat to too!

    Sam Read Avatar Sam Read
    13th June 2018
  • I cannot recommend All Things PHYSIO enough. I had a bicep tendon injury that was so painful I couldn’t even lift my arm up. After several sessions with Andreas I am now lifting 6kg and basically back to normal mobility. In all my years I have seen a number of different Physio’s and it was the first time I have not been given one of those resistance bands as rehab, but instead had exercises to do in the gym and at home. My recovery was incredible and I wouldnt hesitate in recommending this practice. Emma

    Emma Chan-Paxton Avatar Emma Chan-Paxton
    13th August 2018
  • Fantastic - very professional and very knowledgable. Went in about my knee and after a couple of sessions and exercises haven't had a problem since!

    Alison Kirk Avatar Alison Kirk
    7th September 2017
  • When you take the chance of joining an age inappropriate training class you know that things can go wrong … what you don't know is how to get out from a back injury happened on a Saturday morning, when the only chance you have is queuing at an A&E. That was me, a 47 years old sport woman, calling in pain my physio on a Saturday morning in search of help. Andreas guided me through that pain crisis and I felt reassured and confident that I could make it through the pain thanks to his advices and exercises. It took me months to go back to my running and swimming but only weeks to save our family skiing holidays thanks to a programme of challenging but extremely efficient exercises . I recommend Andreas 100% for he is professional and passionate in what he does. He is one the main contacts in my contact list for the wellbeing of my back and of my all self. Thank you for caring Andreas! Francesca

    Francesca Cataldi Avatar Francesca Cataldi
    11th June 2018