What Is Massage?

All forms of massage involve rubbing and kneading of soft tissue of the body with the therapists hands, usually to relieve tension or pain. A form of massage lotion is used to prevent friction and improve comfort. 

We offer different types of massage at All Things Physio including:

Sports / Deep Soft Tissue Massage

Used post-sport to aid recovery and pre-sport as a warm up. This can take various forms including:

  • Deep pressure to reduce tightness and stimulate blood flow
  • Effleurage strokes to reduce inflammation
  • Tapotemnet techniques to stimulate the nervous system and local muscles pre sporting activity
Myofascial Release

A form of massage focusing on the fascia within the body. Fascia is connective tissue which encompasses our muscles and lies between the skin and soft tissue underneath. Improving the gliding properties of fascia can help give instantaneous results in relation to movement and pain.

An effective technique for conditions such as plantar fasciopathy and tennis elbow. This technique is often much more comfortable than deep soft tissue techniques

Relaxation Massage

Used to help calm down the nervous system, reduce tone within the muscles and help you unwind after a long day. A great form of stress relief and done with light to moderate pressure, guided by you.



What to expect?

A comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for you to relax. The firmness of the massage will be moderated to what you have come in for and your comfort levels.

Who is it for?

Have any muscular aches and pains?
Suffering from stress?
Sore after a long run?

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